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  Pocketwatch BackPocketwatch FrontPocketwatch Case Diffuse MapPocketwatch Case Specular MapPocketwatch Case Bump MapPocketwatch Case Normal MapPocketwatch Movement Diffuse MapPocketwatch Movement Specular MapPocketwatch Movement Bump Map
  Ichthyosaur Front-RightIchthyosaur Back-RightIchthyosaur Diffuse MapIchthyosaur Specular MapIchthyosaur Bump MapIchthyosaur Normal Map
  Plane In ExplosionSabre Front-RightSabre RightSabre BackSabre Front-LeftSabre Diffuse MapSabre Specular MapSabre Bump MapSabre Normal map
  Hero Character Front-RightKnight Character Front-LeftKnight Back-LeftKnight Diffuse MapKnight Specular MapKnight Bump MapKnight Normal MapKnight Opacity Map
  Robot Front and BackRobot Front-Left and SideRobot Diffuse MapRobot Specular MapRobot Bump MapAmmo Pouch Diffuse MapAmmo Pouches Specular MapAmmo Pouches Bump Map
  High Atmospheric Industrial MachineIndustrial Machine OverheadIndustrial Machine Front-RightIndustrial Machine Front-LeftMachine Sample Diffuse MapMachine Sample Specular MapMachine Sample Diffuse MapMachine Sample Specular Map
  Mechanical Horse Right SideMechanical Horse AboveMechanical Horse Diffuse MapMechanical Horse Specular MapMechanical Horse Bump MapMechanical Horse Opacity Map
  Phone Stand FrontPhone Stand SidePhone Stand BackPhone Stand Box Diffuse MapPhone Stand Box Specular MapPhone Stand Box Bump MapPhone Stand Box Opacity MapPhone Stand Diffuse MapPhone Stand Specular Map
Phone Stand Bump MapPhone Stand Normal Map
  Waste Bin Front-RightWaste Bin Front-LeftWaste Bin BackWaste Bin Diffuse MapWaste Bin Specular MapWaste Bin Bump Map


  Biker Front-RightBiker Front-LeftBiker FrontBiker BackBiker Full-Body Front-RightBiker Full-Body Back-LeftBiker Full-Body FrontBiker Glove FrontBiker Glove Back
  Fight Pilot Front-RightFight Pilot FrontFighter Pilot Front-LeftFighter Pilot Left Side
  Ogre Front-RightOgre Front-RightOgre Back-LeftOgre AboveOgre Torso
  Mole Creature FrontMole Creature Left SideMole Creature Right SideMole Creature Top




All-Star Vitamins Animation
  Mechanical Horse Animation


  Toy Car Animation


  Final Year Project Animation



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