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This scene was created as a follow up to the first 3D diarama available for viewing elsewhere in the portfolio. This scene further increase the complexity and challenge of making a scene frozen in time. As well as showing interaction between mutliple characters again, an attempt was made to create soft looking smoke through particle effects and dynamics. The smoke incorporated a greater challenge because it didn't render well for the ambient occlusion pass, used to create the softer shadows in the scene. To create an ambient occlusion pass that would preserve the soft nature of the smoke, whilst allowing shadows to be cast on the models like the yellow soldier hiding between the car and the wall behind the smoke trail; a number of extra rendering passes were done and composited together to create a satisfactory ambient occlusion pass for the scene.
After effects was used to composite the rendered passes into the image you see here, as well as added effects such as gun shot glow and colour timing. After effects also allowed effects such as the correct exposure for the explosion on the car to be created; helping to make it look hot and bright at its core. Again the scene was rendered in Mental Ray and even though this is a static scene all the characters were rigged ready for animation, including facial controls in the case of the skater with the rpg and the machine gunner, on the right of the scene.
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